If anything has happened to my property or the items there, what should I do?

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If the landlord finds out during the agreement period that something has happened with the property, it's the tenant's responsibility to deal with the damage. The tenant has until the end of the tenancy to do this, as it is the their responsibility to return the property in a condition corresponding to its contractual use.

  • Exception is when the defect/damage arises in the rental property during the agreement for which the tenant is not responsible and does not have to rectify it at their own expense, or if the tenant is prevented from using the property under the agreement, the landlord must fix the problem by themselves within a reasonable time.

In cases where the tenant has acknowledged and confirmed that they will take care of the repair work, it's a matter of waiting for the landlord until the deficiencies have been dealt with. Damage claim can't be submitted before the agreement termination.

We advise you to keep the Rendin customer support in the loop. If necessary, you can ask us for advice or guidance.

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