Termination of the rental agreement in case the tenant has unpaid claims

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The landlord must initiate the termination of the rental agreement on the Rendin platform and be sure to finish it on the correct date, i.e. when the rental relationship actually ends. Necessary to know: the rental agreement cannot be terminated retroactively. Also, it doesn't matter whether the termination is ordinary or extraordinary or takes place with the consent of both parties.

The debt claim against the (former) tenant remains valid. Termination of the agreement doesn't – in any way – negate the loss caused by the tenant to the landlord during the validity of the rental agreement (for example, unpaid rent and utility bills and/or property damage to the apartment). For Rendin to compensate the landlord for the loss, the final amount of the claims must be clarified. The claim can only be conclusive if the rental agreement has ended.