Does Rendin replace home insurance?

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No, Rendin protection and home insurance serve different purposes. Both of their tasks are to help the landlord, but in different situations:

  • Rendin protects the homeowner if the tenant causes them financial loss by failing to pay rent or utility payments, or damages the property in the rental home. With Rendin protection, it doesn't matter whether the damage caused by the tenant's actions was intentional or accidental, and whether the damage was caused by the tenant themselves, their guest, child, or pet. Rendin takes over all outstanding claims if the tenant is legally responsible for compensating for the damage according to the legislation.
  • Home insurance protects the owner's home and its contents against unexpected and unforeseen events (such as fire, water damage, storm, flood, vandalism, burglary, etc.). Home insurance does not cover incidents caused by gross negligence and intent (which Rendin guarantee protects the landlord against). It also does not include incidents resulting from long-term natural processes such as mold, decay, etc.
  • Home insurance with liability coverage reimburses expenses if a third party is harmed due to an accident (for example, a lower neighbor due to flooding). With extended liability insurance or pet owner liability insurance, the insurance covers damages even if a person, their family member, or pet causes harm away from home.

Our strong recommendation is to have a combination of Rendin protection and home insurance with liability coverage. In the absence of home insurance, the owner is responsible themselves, which can mean damages amounting to thousands of euros.

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