How and what does Rendin protect?

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Rendin guarantees the landlord rental and utility payments for up to three months. It reassures the owner that if the tenant violates the rental agreement terms and causes financial damage, we will help.

For example:

  • The tenant leaves the bills unpaid – Rendin reimburses the debt to the landlord.
  • The tenant leaves the rental home without prior consent from the owner and doesn't pay the rent until the end of the agreement – Rendin will help the landlord find a new tenant as soon as possible and cover the unpaid rent.

Rendin also enables property protection. The landlord is protected if the tenant intentionally or unintentionally damages the rental home's furniture, appliances, and/or interior decoration. The volume of the property protection is 10x higher than the monthly rent.

For example: if the monthly rent is €500, then the property protection is €5,000.