Does Rendin add property listings to real estate portals?

  • Updated

No, we quit adding property listings to KV, City24 and Kinnisvara24 earlier this year (see the announcement). We made this decision because most tenant candidates come from our own platform and social media.

When the landlord creates and publishes a rental listing on our system, it will automatically be posted on the Rendin website in the 'find a home'. This solution will continue to be free of charge for landlords.


A guide on starting to look for a tenant:

  • Fill out your property listing, follow the instructions and add the necessary rental information.
  • The advertisement will automatically be sent to the Rendin system.
  • Share the listing link with your social media contacts or wherever seems appropriate.
  • And, of course, if you don't want to give up the service offered by real estate portals, you still have the option to place your own home rental advert on those portals, either as a regular user or with a agent account (depending on your role).