The termination of a termless rental agreement

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Agreement termination must be initiated (by the landlord or tenant) and formalised via the Rendin app. The process is made really quick and convenient for the users. A step-by-step guide is available on our blog.

  • A termless rental agreement can be terminated at the request of one party with three months' notice. The notice must be in writing and the tenant must acknowledge receipt.
  • With the consent of both parties, the agreement can be terminated earlier. The agreement must be made in writing.
  • Extraordinary termination is permitted under the Law of Obligations Act (§ 314-319) if the reason for termination is sufficiently strong and the continuation of the agreement is no longer in the interests of both parties. In case of extraordinary termination, contact Rendin customer support in advance. We will advise you about the next steps and provide the necessary documentation (e.g. different types of warning forms as the situation requires).

Rendin experts recommend that landlords visit the rental home a month (or a week, at the latest) before the end of the agreement to inspect the place with the tenant and, if necessary, address any shortcomings. In this case, the tenant will have time to fix the issues. Read more on what to do in case of property damage.