Exact steps on how to deal with tenant in debt

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One month's rent and/or utility arrears

Send a written reminder to the tenant that their bill(s) are unpaid and give a warning that if the debt becomes two months long, there are grounds for terminating the rental agreement.

Two months rent and/or utility arrears outstanding

In this case, the landlord must send a written notice to the tenant informing them that the arrears must be paid within the following two weeks, or the rental agreement will be terminated.

  • Find semi-automated draft on the Rendin website that reflects necessary legal requirements. See Rendin documents -> Extraordinary termination of tenancy agreement

Tenant fails to pay unpaid bills

If the landlord has covered the previous two steps described above and the tenant still doesn't pay the debts, then the landlord has the right to terminate the agreement by extraordinary notice.

  • See Rendin documents -> Notice of extraordinary agreement termination (from the landlord to the tenant)

On the Rendin platform, the landlord must initiate the termination of the rental agreement and be sure to finish it on the correct date, i.e. when the rental relationship actually ends. Necessary to know: the rental agreement cannot be terminated retroactively.

Termination of the agreement doesn't negate the financial loss caused by the tenant to the landlord during the validity of the rental agreement.

Once the final amount of the loss has been established, the landlord must submit a claim directly to the tenant and set an additional deadline for payment (at least 14 days).

  • If, despite the additional deadline, the tenant fails to pay the debt, Rendin will initiate a claim for it: the landlord will be reimbursed and recourse proceedings will be opened against the tenant.
  • Rendin compensates for claim on the basis of evidence provided by the landlord:
    • An extract of the correspondence with the tenant. It must indicate the landlord informing tenant about the claim for the debt with additional deadline for payment.
    • The amount of the claim with a precise calculation.
    • The invoices on which the claim is based, e.g. apartment association's and electricity bills, quotations for repairs, purchase receipts.
    • Other relevant additional information

Damage can be reported using the form on our website or by writing to customer support info@rendin.co