I already have a tenant. What should I do next?

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If the tenant is found, the rental agreement and Handover Act must be drawn up. This can be done conveniently via the Rendin app online or on the phone.

Step-by-step instructions:

  1. Download the Rendin app (available on App Store and Google Play) and create a user. If you already have a user, you just need to log in.
  2. Rendin app overview. Once you have created an account, you will be taken to the listings view, where you can manage and create new properties, view tenant candidates and create rental agreements. The Agreements view brings together all the landlord's properties and the related rental agreements. Please get in touch with us via Support if you get stuck or need help.
  3. Click on the Add Agreement button to create a new one. You will then need to fill in the initial details of the property: location of the rental space, size, parking space and/or parking garage, etc. Once the required fields have been filled in, click 'Save'. You have now created the rental agreement draft for the rental property.
  4. Next, you must fill in the other party's information and add yourself as the landlord. For example, if a real estate agent handles the contract, then the agreement party should still be the landlord because the landlord is the one who signs the agreement with the tenant.
  5. Adding the other party, the tenant, to the agreement is the same. NOTE: The tenant must have an account in the Rendin app to be added to the agreement. This way, they can immediately access the rental contract from the mobile.
  6. Fill in the missing information and, if necessary, communicate with the other party of the agreement to set the start date, the handover date and the arrangements for paying the utility bills. The list of utilities can be modified, deleted, and added.
  7. Prepare the payment terms: bank account details, payment date and the monthly Rendin fee (2.5% of the rent; paid by the landlord or tenant depending on the arrangement).
  8. If you wish, add a one-off and fixed costs (e.g., agent's commission if the landlord uses a real estate agent's services with the rental).
  9. Signing the agreement by the landlord and the tenant. Rendin will send the related information to both parties by e-mail. Once the signing is done, it will be visible in the application.
  10. Completion of the Handover Act. This will help to record the state of the rental property (description, up-to-date photos, and, if necessary, highlighting important details), which will be helpful later on when problems arise. If the Handover Act is not done, Rendin will not be able to help with property damage. The act must be approved on the day the landlord gives property keys to the tenant. Therefore, we recommend that you prepare the Handover Act in advance, review it on the day of the handover and then approve it.