The system says I need an additional background check ("Pending" status). What should I do?

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Rendin has built the background check around a payment defaults check, credit score and previous customer experience. There are three types of results:

  • Successful check, i.e. a positive result.
  • The check gives a "pending" status, i.e. a manual review is necessary.
  • The check fails, i.e. the system detects a candidate's problematic payment history.

Steps to take in case you see "pending" status next to your candidacy:

  1. Check your own public data via and and make sure your financial background is clean.
  2. If this is in order and you agree to proceed with the manual check, you have to get in touch with Rendin Customer Support.
  3. If necessary, we ask for a bank statement for the last six months as a proof point. In this way, Rendin can be sure that the person is receiving a regular salary and can pay the monthly rent.

Three main scenarios for pending status:

Young students
To rent through us, a student must have a job with a valid employment contract of indefinite duration. In addition, their monthly salary must be sufficient to pay the monthly rent – income(s) and expenses must be in balance. The money provided by a third party, e.g. a mother or father, is not a sufficient income argument.

Those foreigners for whom the system asks for an additional background check are likely to be recent arrivals in Estonia and have no credit history. In this case, our customer support specialist may ask the prospective tenant for a personal identification document and a valid employment contract of unlimited duration signed by a local employer. Rendin’s task is to ensure that the person has a stable income and a financial balance between the monthly salary and the rent. The rent and utility bills should not be more than half of one month’s expenses (60% at most).

  • Reminder: the first condition for applying is to have an Estonian identity card.

Local working adults
Suppose all the prerequisites seem to be met. In that case, the automatic check can be switched to “pending” status without one particular reason. The Customer Support specialist can carry out a manual check to verify the applicant’s ability to pay. Check the steps described above, what to do exactly.