According to our agreement, for what period should the rent be paid?

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The Law of Obligations Act § 294 stipulates that if the rent is calculated by periods of time, the rent must be paid after the expiration of each respective period if the parties have not agreed otherwise.

Therefore, the parties must first and foremost reach an agreement between themselves. Rent can be paid both retrospectively, for the current month, and in advance, for the next month. The rental periods can also vary greatly – for example, the rental period may last from the first date of each month to the thirtieth date of the same month, or from the tenth date of each month to the ninth date of the following month. Our contracts do not specify these conditions for the parties.

The general practice is for the tenant to pay the first month's rent in advance before moving into the residential premises. Subsequently, rent payment operates on a date agreed upon by the parties, which must also be recorded in the lease agreement. To prevent problems, it is advisable to ensure that the rent payment date and the tenant's payday are close to each other.